What are Under Armour's HeatGear and ColdGear?


Under Armour's HeatGear is a line of mesh clothing that cools the body with breathability, while ColdGear is a line of cold weather clothing that is very light and incredibly warm. HeatGear clothing is made from a light, stretchy, quick-drying fabric that features fully open holes knit right into the fabric. ColdGear clothing has a dual-layer fabric with a soft, warm interior and a smooth, fast-drying exterior.

HeatGear is also very strong and durable, as the fabric's structure is not compromised when the clothing is made. Comparable mesh fabrics typically exhibit burn-out holes after use. The HeatGear fabric aids in ultimate performance because it wicks sweat, feels light and keeps the wearer cool. It is available in an a wide variety of shirts, shorts and underwear.

ColdGear fabric offers a four-way stretch that allows for greater mobility and maintenance of shape. The moisture-transport system wicks sweat away from the body. In case of rain or snow, the fabric dries quickly to keep the wearer light and comfortable. The fabric also has the ability to keep away any odor and microbes that might develop on the clothing. As with HeatGear, ColdGear clothing is available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles for both men and women.

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Under Armour cold gear is clothing that is made to be worn when it is cold outside to help keep the body heat in. Heat gear on the other hand is used in hot weather ...
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