How do you mount a toaster oven under a cabinet?


To mount a toaster oven under a cabinet you first need to gather all the material that is needed. You will need a drill with drill bit, tape, pen, screws, vacuum, and screwdriver. The first step is to tape out a template of the taster oven onto the cabinet.
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1. Determine the amount of space you have to work with. Measure the underside of the cabinet on which you intend to mount the toaster oven. Use this measurement to select a toaster
It's a little of a DIY project, and the first one looks rather nice. Black & Decker TMB3 Toast-R-Oven Heat Guard.
One can purchase an under cabinet toaster oven from various sources. Most shops or stores that sell kitchen equipment and appliances stock such kinds of items. It is possible to also
If installed correctly there will be 2 bolts oing down through the upper cabinet and when you take the grill across the top off there should be a lever to pull to release a latch.
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How to Mount a Toaster Oven Under a Cabinet
The purpose of a toaster oven is to provide the cooking capabilities of a full-sized oven in the convenience and compact space of a microwave. However, if you have a small kitchen, adding to your counter clutter with another appliance may not be an... More »
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