Underarm Whitening?


For some people, they feel that their underarm area needs to be whitened. There are whitening soaps that you can purchase to whiten this area. This is the secret that celebrities have when you see their armpit area flawless and smooth looking. There are a few different soaps to choose from. Papaya skin whitening soap will exfoliate the area and remove the darker areas of the skin. Kojic acid soap is used to maintain the white color in the armpit area.
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There are many reasons for dark underarms. A few of the more common causes of dark armpits include dead skin cells, deodorants, antiperspirants, shaving, sweating and friction with
I need help... Eversince i got pregnant my underarms darken in the process..Now I want to lighten it up.i am embarassed to wear sleeveless clothing though i want to because it's cool
Buy a box of hair dye (I usually use L'Oreal). All you're going to need is the bottle of creme applicator, not the conditioner, or the dye color itself (it's the biggest bottle where
The first site I went to said that you could try waxing instead of shaving, because sometimes the problem is that hair builds up under the skin and you can see the hair through your
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Effective Underarm Whitener
Underarm whiteners are the same products used to whiten or bleach other areas of the skin. Although most skin discolorations are due to scarring, birthmarks or side effects of medications, underarm darkening is the result of genetics, excessive sweating,... More »
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