How does a geologist know if rock layers are undisturbed?


A geologist knows that rock layers are undisturbed by closely examining the physical properties of the rock layers. When rock layers are disturbed they will usually contain some abnormalities. These abnormalities include slanting, folding, cracking, bending, nonconformities, or metamorphism.
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Geology is the science and study of the physical matter
You can tell the age of the layers. The bottom layer is the oldest and the top is the youngest. When the layers are disturbed they tend to get bent and messed up and you cannot tell
Earth has three main layers. The top layer, or crust, of the Earth is just a thin shell that sits on top of the mantle. The mantle is a very thick, mostly solid layer of rock. Inside
1 Prepare the plaster of Paris by mixing it with the water. Ad 2 Mix 2 tablespoons of the gravel with 2 tablespoons of the plaster of Paris and pour the mixture into the paper cup
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