How to Unfreeze a Bank Account?


To unfreeze your bank account you will need to address whatever issue cause the bank account to be frozen in the beginning. Typically banks will freeze bank accounts due to overdrawn amounts, amounts owing, or fraudulent activity. You will need to contact the bank directly in person at your branch in order to unfreeze your account.
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1. Ask the bank why there is a freeze on the account. Request all information, including the judgment or court order that was provided to freeze the account. 2. Contact the lawyer
The best way to unfreeze an account is to walk in with your bank account information. By walking in, you can straighten out whatever issue they may have with your account (i.e. questions
You would need to contact your bank regarding their policy on unfreezing your
Unfortunately, to provide a worthwhile answer will require more information. Why is your account frozen? Due to bank levy from judgment? Due to some other reason? Need more information
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How to Unfreeze a Bank Account
A bank account can be frozen for a variety of reasons. One of the least worrying is an account frozen because of inactivity. If your bank has placed a freeze on your account for this reason, all you need to do is verify your identity and your current... More »
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