How Do You Unfreeze Computer Mouse?


If your computer mouse is frozen, there are a couple of things you can try. One is to double-check the connection, whether USB or PS/2 type connection, make sure it's pushed in completely. Then if it's a mouse with a roller ball, make sure the ball is clean. If it's an infrared mouse, make sure the bottom part is clean. If there's a cord, make sure it's not a tangled mess.
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The mouse that is built into most laptops is a touchpad device that works by dragging your fingertip across the surface to move the cursor around on the screen. If you find that the
Start>Right Click computer> Manage> Device Manager> Mice & other pointing devices> PS/2 trackpad> right click> Uninstall> yes, your sure> restart. If
The green button on the back is a hard reset button.You usually have to press it if the
Reboot the computer.
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