How to Tell If a Married Woman Is Unhappy?


You can tell if a married man or woman is unhappy by watching and listening to them. They are usually depressed, offer fake smiles and seem to be lost in thought. An unhappy married man or woman doesn't show genuine happiness at anything except the prospect of a divorce.
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1. Take notice of the woman's sleep and eating behaviors. Married women that are unhappy are also often depressed. Penn State University states, "Individuals may sleep more or
Married men cheat for lots of different reasons. Boredom can sometimes get the best of them. Sometimes it is just because they need to feel wanted.
Because garbage smells, duh! oh stop being silly, it's because "Life Stinks" and they work on "Sad-ur-days" Get it? I hope you do. It's simple. You guys are stupid
They cheat cause they dont have enough love and respect for their wives and have no respect for their vows.
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There are many reasons why there are unhappy wives. They may not get enough attention from their husbands. They can also feel like they are taken for granted. ...
First, if you are unhappily married you should most definitely talk about it with your husband. See if there is something he can do differently to increase your ...
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