Universal Remote TV Codes?


Universal TV Remotes are great because they allow you to operate all devices that are programed into them. This helps to get rid of the multiple remotes for TV, DVD, VCR, Blu Ray, etc. However when first setting up your universal TV remote you must input the Universal Remote TV Code into the system according to which television model you have. This code is usually located with in the user manual of the Universal remote, but can also be found online should that manual get misplaced.
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How to Set a Universal Remote Control
Having an unprogramed remote control is like having a voice with no one to hear. Getting the remote programed to your TV is a simple yet important task that must be done to validate the existence of your remote. All you need to give your remote a reason... More »
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For an RCA Universal Remote, the codes for
http://www.hifi-remote.com/ofa/codes.shtml (look in here) http://www.xdiv.com/remotes/ (look in here) http://www.comcast.com/corporate/customers/customer_support/remotes.html (look
Philips universal remote Apex TV code: 0023, 0223, 0123, 1814, 0741.
Vizio 3 device universal remote codes for Sylvania televisions: 0062, 0
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