Universal Statuary?


Universal Statuary was unfortunately closed down back in 1989. The owners were facing some finance issues and they sold the company to some investors from ,Milwaukee.Nowadays, eBay sells Universal Statuary Corporation products. These items are sold as collectibles.
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Universal statuary went out of existence in 1989 when Jack and Leo sold their interests to a group of investors from Milwaukee. They transformed the product quality to an unrecognizable
Market value is what one is willing to pay. My offer is $75.00.
At the source below you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about the Univeral Statuary Corporation. Apparently it is still in exsitance, in one form or another, and phone
yes in 1989 as a boy.
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The Universal Statuary Corporation of Chicago is a company started by the Lucchesi family and which produced traditional Italian type designs of products from ...
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