Unlike Terms?


In algebra, there is a concept of 'like terms' which means that the variables and powers of two different terms are the same and they can be added by changing only the coefficient. Unlike terms have different variables and/or powers. For instance 89ak^2 is a like term with -421ak^2 but an unlike term with 89ak^3. (^ means to the power of.) The coefficient can be completely different - the variables and powers make a term is like or unlike.
Q&A Related to "Unlike Terms?"
one that won't talk to one another because they don't like each other... NO, seriously, they are terms that are different. For examplex^2+2x+3x-4x^2. The x^2 terms are like terms
Unlike terms are represented by different pronumerals. Like terms would be 5x
Yup FOILing is fine or you could distribute them out it works the same. FOIL = First + Outside + Inside + Last. (3x - 2y)3x - 2y) = First (3x * 3x = 9x^2) Outside (3x * -2y = 6xy)
It doesn't - you're misunderstanding how Python's module system works. If two different places have "import os" in them, the os module is only imported and executed once
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