How do you unlock a combination safe?


First, turn the the lock dial to the right 3 times and stop on zero. Then, turn left two times stop on the first number the third time around. Then, turn right all the way around once and stop on the second number. Then left to the third number and pull open.
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1. Turn the dial to the right three or four turns and stop on 0. Find the first number in your combination. Turn the dial to the left, passing this first number two times and then
The code to open the safe
All Locks Have A Different Combination So There Inst One.
The Android imposes these conditions on patterns: Each pattern must connect at least four dots. The dots in the pattern must all be distinct. If the line segment connecting any two
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How to Unlock a Combination Safe
A combination safe is an essential piece of equipment for any small business that deals with cash on a daily basis. An owner or manager must remove cash from register drawers and add small change dozens of times a day, and a safe is the only secure place... More »
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