How do you unlock a PUK code on a SIM card?


A PIN Unlock key, also known as a personal unblocking key or PUK Code is a special and unique number that is used to help unlock the subscriber identity or SIM Card on ones cellphone. The SIM card stores all the information and account details about the phone and helps it make and receive calls. If you forget what the PIN code is you can use your PUK code to unlock the SIM card. Go to your phone carriers website and select about phone, and enter in the PUK code that you got from the website on the phone when asked.
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Instructions. Browse to your carrier’s website and enter your account login, or follow the prompts to register. This will include entering details such as your telephone number
A request for a PUK code ("Personal Unlocking Key") will appear on your phone if your SIM card PIN code is entered 3 consecutive times incorrectly. Your SIM card will then
Call the company u got the phone from & they will give u the code. Source(s) Happened to me.
You can receive your phone's PUK code from AT&T, either by logging into
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How to Unlock a PUK Code SIM Card
A PIN Unlock Key or Personal Unblocking Key (PUK code) is a unique number that’s used to unlock the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card for your phone. The SIM card contains all the account details your phone needs to make and receive... More »
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