How to Unlock Keyboard?


Sometimes keyboards tend to lock themselves depending on what keys are pressed. If you press the CAPS LOCK, all letters will be locked in capital-mode. If you press NUM LOCK, the numbers pad on the right side won't work efficiently. You would just need to press the key again unlock the keyboard. 
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1. If you are using a wireless keyboard, install fresh batteries (usually AA or AAA) to see whether this resolves the problem. 2. Check to be sure your "Num Lock" or "
you press num unlock.
One of the most important parts of a computer is the keyboard. Combined with the mouse, it allows you to navigate the programs easily. If you have a computer, like a Dell computer
Hi i have researched this as i didnt know personally people have told me it s different for certain models and the 3 main options i have seen is this Option 1: Press FN+F5 Option
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On the right side of the number keypad on a Mac Laptop, there is a 'Clear' button above the number 7. Press Shift + Clear to turn Num Lock on. Press that again ...
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