How to Unlock Keyboard?


Sometimes keyboards tend to lock themselves depending on what keys are pressed. If you press the CAPS LOCK, all letters will be locked in capital-mode. If you press NUM LOCK, the numbers pad on the right side won't work efficiently. You would just need to press the key again unlock the keyboard. 
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1. Open the display screen and turn on your Tecra. 2. Click on the red "Start" tab located in the bottom corner of the main desktop screen. Select "Control Panel"
you press num unlock.
One of the most important parts of a computer is the keyboard. Combined with the mouse, it allows you to navigate the programs easily. If you have a computer, like a Dell computer
Hi i have researched this as i didnt know personally people have told me it s different for certain models and the 3 main options i have seen is this Option 1: Press FN+F5 Option
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On the right side of the number keypad on a Mac Laptop, there is a 'Clear' button above the number 7. Press Shift + Clear to turn Num Lock on. Press that again ...
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