How to Unlock Keyboard?


Sometimes keyboards tend to lock themselves depending on what keys are pressed. If you press the CAPS LOCK, all letters will be locked in capital-mode. If you press NUM LOCK, the numbers pad on the right side won't work efficiently. You would just need to press the key again unlock the keyboard. 
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If your keyboard is locked you can locate the lock button located on the keyboard and hit the key. If you locked the keyboard for your protection just reverse the steps you did to
1. Click "Start, "Control Panel, "Ease of Access" and "Ease of Access Center. 2. Click "Make the keyboard easier to use. A new window will appear. 3.
Removed the 6 screws from inside the battery area. Remove one screw in center bottom of laptop. Remove keyboard bezel CAREFULLY! Remove the 3 screws holding keyboard. Release ribbon
How do I make a heart symbol with my keyboard, you ask? Although the written word has always been a way to express our emotions and moods, these days technology makes it possible
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On the right side of the number keypad on a Mac Laptop, there is a 'Clear' button above the number 7. Press Shift + Clear to turn Num Lock on. Press that again ...
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