How do you unlock a Sony DVD player?


There times you will need to unlock the Sony DVD. This can only be done using the unlock code that you will be provided with. You can use the Sony website to get the code for your model.
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1. Find the unlock code for your Sony DVD player model. The DVD Demystifiziert and Video Help websites both provide unlock codes for Sony players that can be unlocked and made region-free
If you have forgotten your parental password on the DAV-DZ260, enter 199703 and then press the ( button. The system will ask you for a new password.
It depends on your DVD player, but try this tutorial to unlock the Sony DAV-DZ
1. Insert the plug on one end of the Firewire cable in the port on the back panel of the Sony camcorder until the plug locks in place with a click. 2. Connect the plug on the other
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