How do you unlock an automatic car door lock?


To unlock an automatic car door lock try using a metal coat hanger to open the door. if you have a spare key at home use your cell phone and call home. Ask someone to hit the unlock button on your keys while you hold the cell phone close to the lock. The keys use radio waves so you might be able to get the lock opened using your cell phone.
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1. Locate the central locking button or switch. There should be an image of a key. super-imposed on top of an image of a car door. This button is usually located on the hand rest
most likely a short in the master switch. if problem was in one door only, it would not be in master switch. if ya kid or yourself has spilled a pop for example on the master switch
Usually with the keys, but I ran across a way to unlock it with a t...
To unlock the child lock, simply open the rear doors and look on the side of door for a small switch. Simply flip the switch and the child lock should unlock.
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