Uno Attack Card Meanings?


In Uno attack, cards are dispersed using a mechanical card dealer which can shoot up to 12 cards at a go. The cards have different meanings which include; discard, hit 2, reverse, skip, trade hands, wild hit fire and wild hit all. The game is normally played in casinos.
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The X card means. discard all. When played, you discard all cards of the same color as the discard all card(e.g; if the card on the top of the pile is a green 6, you may play a green
The "X" card can be any number or any color in Uno Attack.
The object of the game is the same as the original Uno game with an unpredictable twist. Players still need to get rid of all playing cards before other opponents and reach 500 points
112 cards, broken down as follows: 18 Blue cards - 1 to 9. 18 Green cards - 1 to 9. 18 Red cards - 1 to 9. 18 Yellow cards - 1 to 9. 8 Hit 2 cards - 2 each in blue, green, red and
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The cards in Uno Attack include Discard All, which directs the player to discard all cards of the same color; Hit 2, which directs the next player to hit the Launch ...
Uno Attack is a new type of Uno game. The game of Uno Attack is a much more fast paced version of the game that children have been playing for over twenty years ...
There are a few retailers where one can find Uno Attack replacement cards. As of January 2013 these replacement cards can be purchased at Amazon, eBay, Toys R ...
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