What Is Ununpentium?


A temporary name of a synthetic element is Ununpentium that is given the the symbol Uup temporarily. It's atomic number is 115. It was believed to have been made in 2003, in Russia.
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Relative Atomic Mass: Indeterminiate because this element does not occur in nature.
Discovery: Ununpentium has not been confirmed.
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Ununpentium is an artificial chemical element, radioactive, with the atomic number 115.
Ununpentium:1:a radioactive transuranic
On February 2, 2004, synthesis of ununpentium was reported in Physical Review C by a team composed of Russian scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, and
Ununpentium. is the 115. th. element on the periodic table. It is located in. period. 7 and. group. 15. Periodic Table of the Elements.
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Element 115 is named Ununpentium. It is a metal that was discovered in 2004 in Dubna, Russia. This element has 115 electrons, 115 protons and 174 neutrons. The ...
The heaviest metal, which occurs naturally is Uranium. Other heavy metals on the periodic table include: Ununtrium, Ununquadium and Ununpentium. Generally, the ...
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