What is an example of the processes in the unwritten Constitution?


The processes in the unwritten Constitution include the establishment of the Cabinet, congressional committees, political parties and the Supreme Court's power of judicial review. The unwritten Constitution refers to the processes, customs and precedents that are deemed essential in the U.S. government, although they are not actually set forth in the Constitution. The government has been involved with many aspects of the unwritten Constitution for so long that these processes have become ingrained in the system and are accepted as important parts of the government.

George Washington was the first president to create a cabinet of advisers who helped him make decisions for the country. The Cabinet today is comprised of the secretaries of the major departments of the executive branch.

Congressional committees are known as the "backbone of Congress." Most of the work that the Congress accomplishes are not defined in the Constitution.

The Constitution does not specifically mention the creation of political parties. The first political parties that emerged were the Democratic-Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson and the Federalists Party headed by Alexander Hamilton. These political parties emerged because of debates over ratification of the Constitution. Since then, political parties have become major forces that shape U.S. politics.

Interestingly, the Supreme Court’s power of Judicial Review, which is the power to declare laws unconstitutional, is not mentioned in the Constitution.

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an. unwritten constitution. is entirely a product of political evolution. It is not inaugurated at any specific time and is changing by accretion rather than specific methods. Example
An unwritten constitution is a constitution made by means of many laws
The 'interpetation" of an unwritten consitution can be changed or ignored by the leader or twisted to his own use. A written one is harder to ignore, and usually has someone
unwritten: based on custom rather than documentation; using speech rather than writing; said or done without having been planned or written in advance
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unwritten constitution
a constitution, as in Great Britain, not codified as a document but defined by custom and precedent as embodied in statutes and judicial decisions.
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