How much is a 1996 Upper Deck Michael Jordan basketball card worth?


A 1996 Upper Deck Michael Jordan basketball card is worth about $15. The price will depend upon what kind of shape the card is in. You can try getting one off of eBay for a more economical price.
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About 10,000 dollars.
Upper Deck received a license from Major League Baseball and began releasing cards for the 1989 season. Upper Deck was the first brand to feature holograms on every card. The initial
I don't think you have much there, but go to eBay and search for your cards to see what they're selling for. Also you can pick up an Baseball Card magazine and look them up in there
A Upper Deck 03-04
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The 1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan rookie card has a value of about $8.00. They have them listed on Ebay or a starting price of $1.29. ...
Upper Deck is a company that sells signed sports memorabilia. They also sell game cards and other collectibles. You can get baseball, football, soccer, hockey ...
Upper Deck is a brand of baseball cards. They also made other sport cards like football and basketball. Other brands of collector's card exist like Tops. ...
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