What Is the Number of the Upper Marlboro?


The contact number for Upper Marlboro Jail in Marlboro, MD is 301-952-4800. The jail is located on Dille Drive in Prince George's County. This facility contains 1300 beds for inmates, as of 2012.
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1901 D St SE, Washington, DC
2003 Mill Rd, Alexandria, VA
(703) 535-8933
1901 D St SE, Washington, DC
1435 N Court House Rd, Arlington, VA
(703) 465-1149
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Prince George Corrections Department: 13400 Dille Dr, Upper
1. Choose a time of year to go. Due to the location, the spring and summer months may be a more pleasurable time to go, as Upper Marlboro typically has cold, snowy winters. Most of
Annapolis is about 25 mile (40 minutes) from Upper Marlboro. Of course, it depends on exactly where you are commuting to/from and what route you take.
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I am not sure that you will be notified of the charges of an inmate who is in Upper Marlboro, MD correctional facility, but there are to numbers on their site ...
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