Upside down Triangle?


An upside down triangle has been used to symbolize many things. It is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle or inverted pyramid. Some of it's uses are as an operator in mathematics, a symbol for gay rights, and in alchemy it is used as a symbol for water.
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It is still a triangle.
An upside down triangle is sometimes called an inverted pyramid or an
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An upside down triangle has many different meanings. A tattoo of an upside down triangle was used during World War 2 by Nazis so that they could identify Jewish ...
There are various things that an upside down triangle may symbolize. It was used during WWII by the Nazis to identify homosexuals within the concentration camps. ...
An upside down pink triangle means a person who was a homosexual during the Holocaust. In, the Nazi prison camps this was used to designate homosexuality or other ...
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