What Chemical in Crystal METH Shows up in a Urinalysis?


Methamphetamine are detectable in urine analysis for a maximum of 3 - 4 days. The amount of time varies depending on a number of factors including: The specific type/strength of drug taken, weight, sex, age, metabolic rate etc. Methamphetamine are addictive and the body gets used to them quickly meaning that desire for higher and higher quantities will result after even short-term repeated use. The symptoms of withdrawal are: Depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and excessive sleeping.
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Meth itself (including the levorotatory form found in Vicks nasal inhalers at CVS) or any amphetamine product chemically similar to meth (like Adderall or Sudafed) It really depends
Since many different chemicals go into making meth,
castor oil,drink a half a cup of it one hour before your test. LOL@kotu.and i thought i was the smartass.
3 days the shortest amount sometimes if your a little heavy a week or so Anonymous
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