How do you wear US Army patches?


The U.S. Army has a multitude of rules in place for the proper use and display of its patches and insignia. Complicating matters is that those rules fluctuate frequently, with a major change in combat patch display being adopted in March 2014, according to

As reported by the Army Study Guide, the standard Army BDU has designated locations for the various patches and insignia a soldier might wear. The soldier's rank insignia is worn on the front of the BDU blouse on the centerline. Unit patches, skill tabs and recognition devices are worn against velcro patches mounted to the sleeves and intended specifically for this purpose. The uniform black beret, which is standard issue for all members of the Army, includes a front-facing field that is intended for carrying a pin-backed skill patch indicating the soldier's qualification and area of expertise.

In addition, identification patches such as the infrared American flag patch worn on the right shoulder, are displayed as an aid to determining affiliation and reducing the risk of friendly fire incidents caused by misidentification. Name tags are also backed with velcro, and they are worn over the right breast, as the "U.S. Army" tag is to be worn over the left.

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Soldiers have used patches and other symbols as identification since the Revolutionary War, but they were not officially regulated until 1919 when the War Department General Staff
There are currently more than 1,090,000 people serving in the United States Army. The Army is the oldest branch of the U.S. Military and was established in June of 1775.
2nd ID is the Indian head on a white star on a black shield.
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History of US Army Patches
The U.S. Army patches were first worn in battle in 1918, when World War I was at rage. They were worn by the 81st Division of the U.S. Army unit. Other units followed suit, using the patches and insignias to identify the unit they belonged to. There are... More »
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