How do you calculate the U.S. Mail delivery time?


Standard post for a first-class letter or small package up to 13 ounces typically takes two to three days to be delivered; standard post, for larger or non-urgent packages, gets to its destination in two to five days.

The United States Postal Service provides information about delivery options. Priority Mail lets people choose faster and more targeted options. Depending upon the locations involved in sending and receiving the package, Priority Mail takes one to three days. With Priority Mail Express, most packages mailed within the U. S. receive overnight delivery. In some situations, it also includes a money-back guarantee, free pickup at the door and $100 insurance.

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1. Send mail quickly with express services. Domestic express mail takes one to two days. Flat rate envelopes are available from the Postal Service. Your own packaging can weigh up
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
They have purposefully and strategically built their 50+ distribution centers (scattered across the US) near USPS hubs, picking up and dropping off shipments daily, thereby saving
Mail is delivered by the US Postal Service between 9AM and 5PM. They will work
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How to Calculate the US Mail Delivery Time
The U.S. Postal Service offers a variety of mailing options at a number of different prices. Shipping at inexpensive rates, like the special one for bound printed matter, take the longest to deliver. Express mail is the most expensive, and also the... More »
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