Usage of Began and Begun?


Began and begun are both past tenses of the word begin so it can be confusing on how to explain the difference to a child or someone just learning English. Began is the simple past tense and begun is the past participle. Since begin is a verb you can use it many ways. You can say 'the event will begin today', or 'the event began today', or even 'the event had begun earlier'. You to use another verb like has, had, or have in front of begun.
Q&A Related to "Usage of Began and Begun?"
Neither is correct. "Began" is the simple past tense of "begin" The race began at 7:00. "Begun" is the past participle of "begin" Past participles
Began(v) is the past tense of begin. Begun(v) is the past participle
The countdown has officially begun. If you wanted to use "began" you would have to say: The countdown officially began.
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