How to Make a USB Phone Charger.?


1. Gather an old USB cord that you either have around the house or you have purchased from an electronics store. 2. Cut both cables using a wire cutter. You may have to cut the cables at a slant so you can access the internal wires. The USB cable may
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Let's visit electronics 101. 1. The four 5V USB ports of a laptop are powered from the same 5V source internally. By asking to put them in series to generate 20V is like asking to
There are great USB battery chargers to suit many needs. These include the Duracell Powerhouse, the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini and the HyperJuice Plug.
1 Strip off the shielding and insulation on an inch or so of the USB cable. Clip the white and green cables to uneven lengths so they can’t conduct into each other or either
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You can make a USB charger small enough to fit into an Altoids tin, complete with solar panel so you can use it in emergencies. This will only cost you between ...
A Mini USB car charger allows power from a car's charging system and battery to be used by devices in the car. A Mini USB charger allows consumers to charge portable ...
Not sure if you've seen this one already. This one has 2 x 2.1A ports that plug into your car's cigarette lighter: Qmadix USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub 2.1 & ...
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