How do you convert USB to RCA?


The RCA cable is mainly used for viewing television. Therefore, the USB to RCA cable adapter is to get anything from your computer and show it on your television with one easy cable. You would just plug into your USB port on your computer then Plug the color plugs into the television and it will bring your computer screen up onto your television. This cables allows the customer to use one easy step instead of a bunch of steps.
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1. Purchase an RCA-to-USB cable from an electronics store. Push the red RCA jack into the corresponding RCA socket on your device. 2. Push the black (or white) RCA jack into the black
In Canada, Radio Shack, London Drugs, Future Shop, Best Buy or even Target and Walmart will all certainly carry USB to RCA cables. They should cost no more than ten or twenty dollars
You will need an adapter like this:
Boy, this question is really vague - You don't give very much detail to diagnose your problem from, nor do you even state which version of Ubuntu you're using which "ma[d]e an
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How to Make RCA to USB
RCA cables enable audio-video signals to be carried from one device to another by splitting the signal in three: right audio, left audio and video. Each of three color-coded RCA jacks is plugged into a socket on your device. USB cables consist of several... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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