What Is a Sentence Using the Word Affectionate?


An example of a sentence with the word 'affectionately' is 'The man was invited in affectionately, after he came back home.' An example of a sentence with the word 'affectionate' is 'she becomes affectionate when her family members are around.'
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affectionately in a sentence
The proof of a poet is that his country absorbs him as affectionately as he has absorbed it.
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His girlfriend was certainly more affectionate after he bought her a new necklace. The little kitten had previously been wary, but now seemed almost affectionate.
Your example is "He affectionately, tucked his son into his bed and
A good cause and effect sentence for affectionately would be
Ginger is a very affectionate girl and she loves everyone she meets. The little dog seemed much more affectionate toward the children. He was embarrassed because his aunt was so affectionate
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Dotingly describes something done in an excessively affectionate manner. In a sentence it can be used as, 'She dotingly held the deceased lady into his arms and ...
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