How can you use "although" in a sentence?


The word "although" is a subordinating conjunction or sometimes called a dependent word used to join an independent clause and a dependent clause in a compound sentence. It is a common word.

A subordinating conjunction is different from a coordinating conjunction like the words "but" or "and" because it does not join two independent clauses. Instead, a subordinating makes one clause subordinate to the other by making it into a dependent clause. In the sentence "I went to work although I was sick," the independent clause "I went to work" is joined to the rest of the sentence by making the clause "I was sick" dependent using the word "although."

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Although it was raining, we still went outside to play football.
Although she found evidence to suggest that Rebecca suffered from pneumonia at the time she
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although in a sentence
Although it was very muddy, the football game went on.
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