Use Capitol in a Sentence?


A capitol is a type of building where lawmakers gather. For example, the USA has a capitol building in Washington, D.C. A sentence would be 'The capitol building was located near other governmental buildings in the area.'
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Most states' statutes provide the death penalty or life imprisonment for capital murder.
Here is a sentence with the words human and capitol in it: Human capital
They took the exit at Main Street, drove to blocks to First, and then turned right. And by the way, the correct spelling is "capitalize" (with an "a" instead of
Erron Nolley (born November 12, 1993) was convicted of capital murder in connection with the death of 15-year old Alberto Cardenas (born September 1, 1994 in Houston, Texas) He was
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capitol in a sentence
The capitol building is located smack-dab in the middle of the state capital.
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