Use Cogent in a Sentence?


The word cogent means convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation. It also means to the point and it means relevant. A lot of people use this word because there a lot of believable things that are in this world and the writers and reporters use this word to capture the audience. This word comes from the Latin language and was originated from the mid 1600's. This word is a good word for writers to use.
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cogent in a sentence
The professor considered her points to be cogent, though she presented them in an acerbic manner.
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How do you put the word cogent in a sentence? Software patent
He made a cogent remark.
I want to reply you in a cogent manner- My parents didnot give their assent for my friendship with the boy.
Sentence with the word cogent: Me and my dad had a
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How do you put the word cogent in a sentence? Software patent ...
To write cool letters, use the correct format. Letter formats are personal or business. Use complete sentences, organized thoughts and make cogent or witty remarks ...
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