Use Convection in a Sentence?


Convection is the transfer of heat through currents (circular motion) in a fluid. The motion is a result of density and gravity. For example, convection is the reason that a liquid freezes from the top down. Convection is the reason that 'heat rises' and could be used in a sentence to explain that. When air molecules are heated, the molecules excite and move farther from each other, becoming less dense. Denser, colder, air is pulled toward the ground by gravity and warmer, less dense, air rises in a convection current.
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"Convection and conduction are similar because they both transfer energy. "The convection in warm, moist air provides the energy that powers thuderstorms and, on a larger
Hello there! You can use the word Convection in a sentence through: "Forced
The vertical movement of warm air, also known as convection often leads to the formation of thunderstorms. Tough one for a precise antonym, two suggestions 1) Stationary 2) Stable
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