Use Correspond in a Sentence?


I correspond with my colleagues by e-mail or Skype, but my sister is old-fashioned, so I correspond with her by writing letters. The phone described in the magazine corresponds almost exactly with the one in the phone shop. This is what i corresponded to in the letter to my sister.
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correspond in a sentence
I've been corresponding with my German pen pal for three years.
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I await your correspondence with bated breath. I am anxious to review today's correspondence.
Your question seems to missing information. Are you looking for a corresponding number for 1200? Are you looking for an equation for a problem? is "a" the person to whom
Correspond means to be in agreement or
What about the relation between facts and truth? Typically, the correspondence theory of truth is said to entail the sentence or a belief is true if, the belief, or sentence, corresponds
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