How would you use the word "elocution" in a sentence?


The word "elocution" is a rich word that relates to the ability to speak with clarity and style, according to Someone who has strong elocution skills is a skilled public speaker.

The word "elocution" is often used to describe the academic concept of public speaking. One example of a sentence that features this usage is, "Students are required to take at least three humanities courses to further their elocution and writing skills, as both oral and printed communication are important in the workplace today." Sentences that praise or criticize a public figure's speech may include the word "elocution." For example, "President Obama displayed skillful elocution in his State of the Union remarks last night."

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Elocution (n) an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice
Though her reply was perfectly innocuous, her. elocution. betrayed her irritation at the girl's stupid question. His. elocution. was that of a natural politician, fraught with effortless'elocuti...
You can use a word in a sentence by building a sentence around that word. That previous sentence was built around
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