Use Elocution in a Sentence?


Elocution, by definition, is the study of the style, pronunciation, tone, and grammar in formal speaking. An example of a sentence with the word 'elocution' in it is, 'Daphnie's elocution during the speech was flawless.' Another example is, 'Every public speaker must practice his or her elocution to better attract the audience.'
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Elocution means proper speech. Here are some sentences. Using good elocution means that you sound more intelligent. When giving a speech, be sure to watch your elocution. My elocution
Elocution (n) an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice
Many of the Founding Fathers were known for their elocution in support of independence. The speaker's elocution drew many to hear his speeches.
Though her reply was perfectly innocuous, her. elocution. betrayed her irritation at the girl's stupid question. His. elocution. was that of a natural politician, fraught with effortless'elocuti...
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