What is a sentence for the word "export"?


One sentence using the word export is: "The United States' biggest export is often said to be culture: music, television, movies and more." According to Dictionary.com, export means: "to ship (commodities) to other countries or places for sale, exchange, etc."

Export most commonly refers to goods, but it can also mean to send or transmit ideas or concepts to another place, particularly to another country, as in: "Much of the 20th century's most influential philosophical ideas were exported from France." In computer terms, export means to save a file in a format that can be read by other programs, as in: "Photoshop has the ability to export images in just about any format imaginable."

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A sentence using export is the United States imports and exports goods to other countries.
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export in a sentence
I think we should keep the grain and export the farmers.
Source: Dictionary.com
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