Use Geography in a Sentence?


The study of the Earth is known as geography. Geography consists of the various landforms, including mountains, canyons, grasslands, and other areas. Visit for examples of geography used in a sentence.
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i will say "I read a book a book about geography because I had a trip to mojave desert"How was that sentence?
Geography: a science that deals with the description, distribution, and
My guess is 1 because if acid sinks into the ground water that can poison. But then there is the wild life that could be effected I hope someone else has a better idea than I do.
Here's a sentence to answer your question: "How DO YOU put Geography in a Sentence?"........ .........YOUR question above is NOT a sentence.
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To use the word geography in a good sentence all you have to do is think of a location. For instance: 'The geography of the mountain range is steep, dry, and cold ...
A paragraph is an English grammar conceit. A paragraph consists of sentences related to a specific topic. You start a paragraph with a capital letter and follow ...
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