Use Idle in a Sentence?


Here are examples of idle and idleness in sentences. The woman's hands lay idle in her lap. The boy's idleness had caused him to have failing grades and all of his classes.
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idle in a sentence
To be idle requires a strong sense of personal identity.
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Example sentence - He tried not to be idle during his wait.
Don't put the car in gear just yet, go ahead and let it idle first.
Pretty much as it says. If a vehicle has an idle speed of 1200 rpm, then 1400rpm would be "slightly above idle"
I can parse the sentence as follows: "comes" is the verb. The subject is "goodness" (or the lack of it) "No" acts as an adjective of number applying
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The word listlessness is a noun. Listlessness means a disinterest, boredom and idleness. A sentence with listlessness in it would be: A sign to look for in someone ...
An example sentence using the world recumbent would be as follows. He lies recumbent in a pool of sweat after a hard workout. Recumbent means resting or idle. ...
The meaning of the word laze is to spend time in a lazy way or manner. The word laze can also mean to idle, lounge or loaf around. For instance in a sentence; ...
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