Use Interim in a Sentence?


In a sentence one can say, 'The court chose an interim government to rule Egypt after the revolution that removed the sitting president from power until a new election is carried out.' Interim is defined as a period of time between one event and another. An example of interim is a police chief who is in charge until the city hires a full-time police chief.
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interim in a sentence
You are interim manager until he returns from hospital.
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In the interim of the teacher's absence, we had a substitute teacher.
He served as union leader during the interim. Interim is a noun meaning
In this context interim cash probably meant interim returns getting reinvested. Thats something like a monthly interest payment going back and adding to the investment in a 6-month
Credible: A witness who does not come across to the jury as credible will not help the case. Designate: We need to designate the spot where we are going camping. Deviate: Do not deviate
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