Use Loquacious in a Sentence?


The word loquacious is an adjective and is defined as being wordy, or full of excessive talk. The history of the word loquacious has a first known use dating back to the mid 1660's. An example of how to use loquacious in a sentence would be: Mr. Jones is known to a very glib and loquacious business owner. Words that have a similar meaning or synonyms would be chatty, gabby, garrulous, talkative and mouthy. Antonyms would include reserved and uncommunicative.
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loquacious in a sentence
The librarian ended up being a loquacious dinner guest.
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Loquacious means talkative. Here are some sentences. She is normally quite loquacious, but today she is oddly silent. Our guest is certainly loquacious. You need to stop being so
Sentences for those words: Easily the most loquacious play of
Some say he's loquacious, I think he just talks too much.
Loquacious is characterized by excessive talk. IE: The
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Garrulous refers to being very talkative or wordy. It can also mean loquacious or chatty. An example of its use is 'No one felt like speaking with the garrulous ...
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