What is a sentence using the word "mantle"?


An example of a sentence with the word mantle is, 'travelling beyond the Earth's crust leads you to the mantle.' In connection to the earth, the mantle is that component of the Earth existing between the outer the crust and core.
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The picture was placed on top of the mantel right above our fireplace.
The acid mantle is made up of various glands and ducts designed to provide for the needs of the body. The skin secretes fluids like sweat and oil, and salt as part of its role as
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Using. bold. italics. underlining. and CAPITALISATION are all means of emphasising a word or phrase within a sentence. Which one(s) you choose to use, though, is an issue of style&
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mantle in a sentence
Painting was a burdensome family mantle I had inherited, like unwanted wealth or title.
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