How do I use "niche" in a sentence?


One way to use "niche" in a sentence is: The shop owner found her niche when she opened a gift shop catering to pregnant women. Niche in this sentence is being used to describe an activity that was ideal for the shop owner. This is only one of the meanings of the word niche.

Another meaning of niche is an alcove in the wall meant for a statue. For example, "Put that knickknack in the niche."

In ecology, a niche is the role of an organism regarding food consumption or the habitat that provides items necessary for survival. For example, "A spider fills an environmental niche by helping to control the mosquito population."

Some people in marketing use niche to mean a specialized market. For example, "Laundromats catering to the green living niche are wildly popular in some areas."

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Bees occupy an important niche in a community by fertilizing flowers and crops.
"Eight years ago, a show with two gay guys would have been niche" in this example it means
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