How to Get Rid of Silverfish with Borax?


The use of borax to control silverfish is affordable and very effective. Borax is safe to use around the home. In order to get rid of silverfish in your home simply sprinkle some Borax in all the areas that are infested by silverfish such as behind appliances, around the edges of any cabinets and around furniture.
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1. Run a dehumidifier in the room where you have seen the silverfish. Silverfish are attracted to moisture, so reducing the humidity in an area will drive them out. 2. Mix four parts
Hi there ~ yes had the same problem ~ especially in the kitchen where they only come out at night. I went into Gogle and typed in "Silverfish" clicking UK for answers ~
Houses provide a perfect habitat for silverfish. Preferring moderate temperatures between 70 and 80 °F, and a relative humidity of between 75 to 95%, they collect near sinks,
If fleas have taken over your home, consider Borax for flea control. Borax is an active ingredient in many commercial flea control sprays. It can cause minor skin, eye and throat
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Use of Borax to Control Silverfish
You open the novel you have wanting to read for so long and notice a bug crawling along the pages. The bug is small, wingless and about an inch in length. It is called a silverfish, also known as a silver moth, and it does bite. Silverfish are often... More »
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