Use Pertinent in a Sentence?


Discussing what to do with the money from our paychecks is pertinent to how much money we have to spend after our bills are paid. Pertinent means relevant or related to a subject.
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pertinent in a sentence
Because of the lack of structure, many candidates include information that is not pertinent to the job opening.
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"Nobody likes to listen to my mother's stories because she doesn't know how to relate only the. pertinent. information, and instead rambles on incessantly. "What Janie's
Pertinent means relevant, wise or suitable, so you could use a sentence like: It would be pertinent to prepare a route plan before setting off on a long journey so as to avoid getting
"The professor provided a list of articles that were pertinent to the
You have presented a plausible question and although finding the correct answer for you may be onerous, I will reply with only the pertinent information and omit the rest!
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Relevant is an adjective that means pertinent or appropriate. An example of relevant used in a sentence is "Please complete the job application and supply ...
When something is irrelevant, it is not applicable or pertinent. It has no value on the case at hand. One might say, "His lectures often stray to interesting ...
A memorandum, commonly referred to simply as a memo, typically begins with a quick sentence regarding the reason for the memo, followed by any pertinent information ...
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