Use Rite in a Sentence?


Rite refers to a ritual or ceremony. Use it when describing one, or a metaphorical one for that matter. For example, 'Graduating high school is a rite of passage'
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It is a rite of passage for young men. (similar to ceremony)
A rite is a particular method of how things are done, particularly in religion.
Graduation is an important rite of passage for most young people. My cousin was just confirmed in her church. This is an important religious rite in her family.
A complex sentence is a sentence with an independent clause (a phrase that if you put it into a sentence by itself, it would make sense) and at least one dependent clause ( a phrase
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The history behind the black cap is that clergy men would wear it in giving a person their last rites. So, when a judge pronounced a death sentence, they were ...
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