Use Scholar in a Sentence?


Scholar is a noun and means someone who is learning or an expert in a specific filed of knowledge. To use scholar in a sentence, ' She went to Rome to become a Medieval scholar'. It came from the French word ' scholer' which means ' school.
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You are a scholar and a gentleman, both smart and kind. He was the brightest scholar at the university.
No, that wouldn't make sense because 'erudite' is an adjective. What you're looking for is something like this. The college professor, with several university degrees, was most erudite
My devotion to faith has enabled me to concentrate on the small, yet significant elements (of life). You didn't say that it was about life, but I just threw that in there.
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A scholar is an expert in a given branch of knowledge or subject and scholarly is usually findings that scholars present to the world to prove as valid or new ...
Scapegoat refers to a person or persons who are made to suffer for the sins other people have committed. The term was coined by William Tyndale, an English scholar ...
Not much of a scholar, Justin was intimidated by his erudite girlfriend. ...
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