Use Snarl in a Sentence?


To use snarl in a sentence, the first need to understand its meaning. Usually, the word snarl means to threaten or growl someone viciously while raising your upper lip. 'The dog  snarled at us.', is a good example sentence.
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snarl in a sentence
If airport traffic continues to snarl, the only sure way to get there on Tuesday will be to leave on Monday.
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The dog was so angry it was snarling and growling.
snarl is a verb so you would use it like this: Dogs can snarl when they are angry. However the word snarled is much more useful.
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The dog snarled at us.
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The dictionary says that to snarl is to speak surly in a threatening manner. It also says suggestive of a dogs snarl. To growl means threateningly or viciously. ...
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Fart. XD. ...
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