How do you use the word "abasement" in a sentence?


"Abasement" is a noun derived from the root word "abase," which is a verb that means "to reduce, lower, put or bring down." When "abasement" is used in a sentence, the subject is in a state of lower standing. Example: "The abasement of being unable to buy their mother's tombstone haunted them forever." Synonyms for "abasement" are "humiliation" and "defamation." "Abasement" in a sentence is often prefaced with "state of."

One can easily remember how to use this word in a sentence by considering that the word separated looks like "a basement." The basement is located in the bottom of a building, and "abasement" means to be placed in a lower standing. One can consider the state of abasement to technically mean "in a basement." "Self-abasement" is an often-used form of "abasement." It is used to refer to humbleness or modesty. It is also sometimes used as a show of insincere modesty. Essentially, it is used to describe the act of putting oneself down. When this word is found in a sentence, it often looks like this: "Her show of self-abasement was interesting, but not convincing." The term "abasement" is found often in biblical passages that involve worship and repentance.

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1. Look up the definition of the word in the dictionary. Make sure you understand exactly what the word means. Verify what part of speech the word is (noun, verb, etc. and, if a verb
Abase means to be reduced in rank, or to humble, to degrade. Some examples would be: Realizing he had said the wrong thing in front of the king, he fell on his knees and tried to
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