Use the Word Abstract in a Sentence?


Some examples of the word abstract being used in a sentence is 'His abstract comment about the weather only confirmed my suspicion about his inability to share his feelings.' 'That house is extremely abstract because it is purple and green, which sets it aside from any other house that I've ever seen.' An abstract is a very short summary of a publication.
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abstract in a sentence
The abstract painting is bright blue and orange.
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I wanted a more abstracted motion picture image of humans.
The term abstract is most commonly used when referring to art. An abstract piece of art communicates to the viewer and makes them wonder what was going through the artists mind.
"He loved her only in the abstract, not in person" That is a good
1. Write a draft of the entire paper or report before starting the abstract. As you complete your work, take note of important elements that you want to stress in the summary. 2.
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Abstract words are like abstract ideas. There is no physical object for an abstract word or idea. For example, freedom is an abstract word. The meaning only exists ...
An abstract word is a word for which there is no physical object. The meaning of the word only exists in the mind. Such words include freedom, liberty, and morality ...
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