Use the Word Obsequious in a Sentence?


A sentence with the word obsequious in it would be 'The sales clerks in the store were obsequious.' This means that they show attentiveness that is insincere. A obsequious person could also be referred to as a brown noser.
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Obsequiousness (adj) means obedient; dutiful. So used in a sentence
sometimes i think that iam obsequious because i like being praised.
Some of the mourners left after the obsequies. The priest perform the obsequies while the choir sings. =
You can use a word in a sentence by building a sentence around that word. That previous sentence was built around the words, "a word." So that first sentence used "
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An example of a sentence with the word obsequious is 'waiters, who are obsequious, will always have customers to attend to'. This word is an adjective that means ...
An antonym for "obsiquious" would be "headstrong" or "independent". ...
By definition, the word obsequious means someone who is always out to win people over by either agreeing with everything they say, or by flattering them all the ...
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