Use Virtuous in a Sentence?


'She felt that she had made a virtuous decision by donating the money to charity.' is an example of a sentence illustrating the use of the word virtuous. Virtuous means characterized by or possessing virtue or moral excellence. It also refers to a state of sexual virginity.
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Webkinz are the most popular. virtuous. pet in the United States.
having good moral qualities and behaviour: "He described them as a virtuous and hard-working people. • disapproving - describes a person who thinks himself or herself morally
"Dan has lived a virtuous life, remaining ever true to his own mora...
Virtuous means conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally
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The word virtuous means moral excellence and righteousness or goodness. It is a noun. It could be used in a sentence like, The lady was not always so virtuous. ...
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